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Silikomart Industries was born in 2002 between Venice and Padue, an important industrial crossroad. Quickly it became the leading company in the designing and production of platinic silicone components and products. Innovative design, style and “Made in Italy” are the real keystone for the success of Silikomart Industries.

A great resource for Silikomart Industries is its team: young, dynamic and professional talent that shares the passion and the company vision of its CEO Dario Martellato.

Silikomart offers a wide range of refined and innovative products. Everybody who loves to cook will be satisfied by the products, as they aren’t only functional but also practical and appealing.

In the market, Silikomart products, are identified by their refined design, by their excellent silicone quality and the 100% MADE IN ITALY production. The use of silicone in the kitchen allows excellent results and several advantages. Thanks to its resistance, stability and thermal flexibility it can be used from temperatures that are between -60°C to +230°C. Furthermore, silicone is an elastic and nonstick material which resists to ageing factors. All along Silikomart has worked on providing extremely high quality products to its clients. This is why the production is rigorously MADE IN ITALY and works with the best silicone on the market, known as 100% liquid platinic silicone.

This is a very high quality material, suitable for all food laws, completely non-toxic, odourless and tasteless. Compared to other types of silicone, the platinic one is the purest and guarantees the full food-safety of the product. It doesn’t contain any toxic component, has the lowest content of volatile substances and can be used also in the medical field. Silikomart dedicates great attention to quality controls in order to always guarantee the client a reliable product and in line with all the regulatory standards. Silikomart is the real kitchen specialist thanks to the safety, quality and performance linked to the extraordinary product design. Our company throughout the years has always invested and believed in the research in order to offer the clients always new products that can give new ideas, provide help to all kitchen amateurs and to who wants to join this world.

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We can provide customized products that perfectly meet with the different demands of the market fields.

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