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Leader in the silicone field

Silikomart is the leader company in the design, processing and production of liquid silicone (LSR) and thermoplastics items for different sectors and quantities. Thanks to its several years of experience and hard work in the moulding of elastomers, it can cope with the development of various applications and it can lead the partners and clients from the design until the final creation of the product.

What is silicone LSR?

Silikomart Industries uses exclusively the LSR silicone (Liquid Silicone Rubber): a bi-component liquid silicone gum used to produce elastic products through the process of injection printing. The LSR silicone is extremely elastic, odourless and tasteless, resistant in time and UV rays, it also has great electrical properties, resistance to high temperatures and excellence flexibility at low temperatures.

Fields of application

Silikomart is able to produce high quality LSR produts thanks to its technical know-how and design. The particular versatility of this kind of material makes it suitable in more and more fields: illumination design, electronic, household appliance, food and health sector, fashion, sanitary sector...etc...

Design, Development and packing
100% made in Italy

The knowledge and the multiannual experience of Silikomart in the moulding of silicone products make it the perfect partner for those companies which are looking for a reliable and lasting solution for the retaliation of silicone and thermoplastic products and components. Silikomart create customized project and it takes care of all production process. From the first to the very last phase of the platinic silicone production, Silikomart uses cutting-edge techniques, technologies and inspection standards.

Several moulds for domestic and professional use comprising cake pans, multi-shape moulds, and also tools and accessories for the kitchen. The LSR (liquid silicone rubber) silicone is perfect for this kind of products due to its great resistance to low and high temperatures (from -60° to +230°C) and minimum bacterial growth.

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The extreme high quality and the absolute safety of platinic silicone made it perfect for Medical and Health field. Platinic silicon is non-toxic, unscented, tasteless and characterized by low bacterial growth. Silikomart ensures dedicated production lines and strict health and safety standards concerning materials. This is the reason why Silikomart is the perfect choice for important national and international partners in the Medical&Health sector.

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Industry appliances

We create and realize every customers’ moulds design that could be used in several industrial fields. Every component of the wide range of Silikomart Industries’ products meets high quality standards. The top quality of the products is guaranteed by the constant control made across different phases: from the source, to the production until the packing and the shipment.

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